Previews Spotlight #164: 2021-07

John discusses the contents of the July 2021 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 1 other podcast/blog represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast

and 5 listeners:
Chris Braly
James Raynor
Nick Fenner
Jason Zeller
Mo Walker

Items mentioned:
p.26 (John Mayo) PREVIEWS #396 SEPTEMBER 2021
p.34 (Chris Braly) FCBD Black Runner One Shot
p.42 (James Raynor) Primordial #1
p.42 (Nick Fenner) Primordial #1
p.46 (Nick Fenner) Frontiersman #1
p.55 (James Raynor) Destroy All Monsters HC
p.59 (Nick Fenner) Luther Strode: The Complete Series TP
p.67 (James Raynor) Swing TP v4
p.75 (Billy Hogan) Geiger #6
p.76 (Billy Hogan) Hey Kids Comics v2: Prophets and Loss #5
p.92 (Nick Fenner) Mazebook #1
p.94 (Billy Hogan) Black Hammer: Visions #8
p.95 (Billy Hogan) Black Hammer: Reborn #4
p.95 (Billy Hogan) Unbelievable Unteens: World of Black Hammer #2
p.119 (Jason Zeller) EC Archives: Haunt of Fear TP v1
p.D8 (Mo Walker) Nightwing #84
p.D16 (Nick Fenner) Deathstroke Inc #1
p.D29 (James Raynor) Milestone Compendium TP v1
p.D30 (Billy Hogan) Action Comics #1035
p.D30 (Billy Hogan) Batman: The Adventure Continues Season Two #4
p.D32 (Billy Hogan) Icon and Rocket Season One #3
p.D32 (Billy Hogan) Infinite Frontier #6
p.D32 (Billy Hogan) Justice League Infinity #3
p.D35 (Billy Hogan) Supergril: Woman of Tomorrow #4
p.D35 (Billy Hogan) Superman ’78 #2
p.D36 (Billy Hogan) Superman: Son of Kal-El #3
p.D38 (James Raynor) Batman by Snyder Omnibus HC v2
p.128 (Nick Fenner) Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle #1 and 2
p.150 (Billy Hogan) Usagi Yojimbo #22
p.150 (Billy Hogan) Usagi Yojimbo: Dragon Bellow Conspiracy #4
p.M3 (James Raynor) Dark Ages #1
p.M7 (James Raynor) Inferno #1
p.M17 (James Raynor) Death of Doctor Strange #1
p.M26 (Chris Braly) Kazar Marvel Tales #1
p.M40 (Mo Walker) X-Force #23
p.M43 (Mo Walker) SWORD #8
p.M49 (Mo Walker) Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30
p.M52 (Billy Hogan) Fantastic Four: Life Story #4
p.M53 (Billy Hogan) Fantastic Four #36
p.M67 (James Raynor) Conan #25
p.M85 (James Raynor) Doctor Strange by Aaron Omnibus HC
p.M123 (James Raynor) Peter David Hulk Omnibus HC v4
p.M129 (Chris Braly) Killraven Epic Collection TP v1
p.156 (James Raynor) Red Sonja #1
p.166 (Nick Fenner) Vampiverse #1
p.230 (James Raynor) He Who Fights with Monsters #1
p.230 (Chris Braly) He Who Fights with Monsters #1
p.238 (Billy Hogan) Serial #7
p.276 (James Raynor) Telepaths #1
p.279 (Chris Braly) Marjorie Finnegan Temporal Criminal TP
p.283 (Chris Braly) SuperSuckers
p.320 (Jason Zeller) Intrusion One-Shot
p.336 (Nick Fenner) Bountiful Garden #1
p.358 (Nick Fenner) Verge #1
p.361 (Nick Fenner) Impossible Jones #1
p.362 (Nick Fenner) Mullet Cop #1
p.365 (Nick Fenner) These Damn Kids #1
p.368 (Jason Zeller) Classic Pulp TP v1: Spooks and Sleuths
p.374 (James Raynor) Gun Honey #1
p.384 (Jason Zeller) Our Army At War: The Best of the Best American War Comics SC
p.414 (John Mayo) STEINS GATE 0 TP v1

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