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Joining the Comic Book Page Forum

The process of joining the Comic Book Page forum and Comic Book Page Slack channel both involve manual steps. Please read over the ground rules below and if yuo can follow them, please register for the forum and then please send me a with your forum username and your real name. That email will let me know there is a real person requesting the account and not a bot. It might take a day or two for me to approve the forum account. Please be patient. If you your forum account hasn't been approved after three days, feel free to email me again.

Comic Book Page Community Ground Rules

The ground rules for the Comic Book Page community are simple:

  • Be nice and threats evryone with respect.

  • No spoilers. (See the Spoiler Policy below for more details.)

  • This isn't the place to discuss politics or religion. (There are plenty of other places to do that.)

  • No profanity or other offensive behavior. (This includes any and all images that could possibly be construed to be offensive.)

  • The community isn't a marketplace. It is place to share our love of comic books.

  • Don't be annoying.

Anyone that becomes a problem will get banned from the community. Anyone that really ticks me off might get banned from the entire website.

So, be nice, be polite and all will be good.

Comic Book Page Spoiler Policy

The core of the spoiler policy for this forum is simple: don't spoil stories for people.

In order to do this, please don't post any spoilers at all during the first month that a comic has been released. After that, spoilers for that comic can be posted but only in the #spoilers channel on Slack or in topics on the forum that are clearly marked as having spoilers for a specific issue. Even then, exercise caution and don't spoil things from other comics.

Do not assume that everybody reads every solicitation or interview and therefore "already knows" about them. In some cases, these are things that haven't been published yet. Even if something makes it into the mass media, don't assume that everybody has seen the coverage or that the story has already been spoiled for them.

For more on my views on spoilers, listen to this episode on spoilers.

I have a near zero tolerance for spoilers. Be respectful of the fact that not everybody reads everything right when it comes out.

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