Previews Spotlight #140: 2019-06

John discusses the contents of the June 2019 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 4 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast
Comics for Fun and Profit
DC Noise
Geek Brunch

and 10 listeners:
Chris Braly
Marvin Daniels
Mo Walker
Nicholas Fenner
Chris Myers
James Raynor
Jason Kim
Todd Cassel
Patrick Engroff

Items mentioned:
p.28 (John Mayo) PREVIEWS #371
p.37 (Chris Braly) Spawn #300
p.38 (Marvin Daniels) Coffin Bound #1
p.52 (Mo Walker) White Trees #1
p.60 (Drew) Analog #7
p.66 (Nicholas Fenner) Gideon Falls #16
p.86 (Chris Myers) Beserker Unbound #1
p.86 (James Raynor) Beserker Unbound #1
p.86 (Chris Braly) Beserker Unbound #1
p.88 (Nicholas Fenner) Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer Of Justice #2
p.88 (Billy Hogan) Black Hammer/Justice League: Hammer Of Justice #2
p.95 (James Raynor) Baltimore Omnibus HC
p.99 (Nicholas Fenner) Tommy Gun Wizards #1
p.102 (Nicholas Fenner) Strayed #1
p.108 (Chris Braly) Aliens vs. Predator: The Essential Comics TP
p.D2 (Billy Hogan) Batman/Superman #1
p.D6 (Jason Kim) Batman vs Ra’s Al Ghul #1
p.D7 (Jason Kim) Batman #232 Facsimile Edition
p.D9 (Mo Walker) WildCATs #1
p.D11 (Todd Cassel) Sinestro: Year of the Villain #1
p.D16 (Drew) House of Secrets #92 Fascimile Edition
p.D18 (Billy Hogan) Action Comics #1014
p.D40 (John Mayo) GREEN LANTERN #10
p.D48 (James Raynor) Lois Lane #2
p.D53 (Nicholas Fenner) Red Hood Outlaw #37
p.D56 (Billy Hogan) Supergirl #33
p.D57 (Billy Hogan) Superman #14
p.D63 (John Mayo) YOUNG JUSTICE #8
p.D68 (Jason Kim) Absolute New Frontier 15th Anniversary Edition HC
p.D86 (James Raynor) Wonder Woman Omnibus HC
p.149 (Billy Hogan) Usagi Yojimbo #3
p.161 (John Mayo) STAR TREK YEAR FIVE #5
p.165 (Nicholas Fenner) Matteo, Book Two: 1917-1918 HC
p.M6 (James Raynor) Absolute Carnage #1
p.M39 (John Mayo) FUTURE FOUNDATION #1
p.M42 (Comics for Fun and Profit) Power Pack: Grow Up #1
p.M69 (Nicholas Fenner) Silver Surfer: Black #3
p.M76 (James Raynor) Fantastic Four #13
p.M92 (James Raynor) Conan the Barbarian: Exodus #1
p.M92 (Chris Braly) Conan the Barbarian: Exodus #1
p.M94 (Chris Myers) Age of Conan: Valeria #1
p.M115 (Chris Braly) Thanos: Infinity Ending OGN HC
p.176 (Nicholas Fenner) Death-Defying Devil #1
p.192 (Chris Braly) Vampirella #2
p.210 (Chris Myers) Once and Future #1
p.210 (Mo Walker) Once and Future #1
p.220 (Nicholas Fenner) Over the Garden Wall: Soulful Symphonies #1
p.260 (James Raynor) Goon #6
p.262 (Chris Braly) Red Koi #1
p.267 (Mike Myers) Eternal Thirst of Dracula Book 2 #1
p.271 (Chris Braly) Wall Might: First Term II #1
p.273 (Chris Myers) Archie: The Married Life: 10 Years Later #1
p.278 (Jason Kim) Lola XOXO v3 #2
p.282 (James Raynor) Warrior Nun: Dora #1
p.314 (Marvin Daniels) Cycle of the Werewolf: An Illustrated Novel SC
p.339 (Patrick Engroff) Shows End #1
p.354 (Marvin Daniels) Conan the Barbarian: Original Unabridged Adventures SC
p.358 (Drew) Headless #1
p.358 (Chris Braly) Headless #1
p.360 (Marvin Daniels) Bill Sienkiewicz Revolution HC
p.369 (Mo Walker) Robotech Archives: The Sentinels v1 TP
p.888 (Jason Kim) Shoutouts

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