Collector Boxlight: 2017-08 and 2017-09

John and Kay unbox and discuss the contents of some recent subscription boxes.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 2017-08 World’s Finest Collection
0:19:27 2017-07 Arctify
0:23:48 2017-08 Doctor Who Block
0:35:03 2017-08 Firefly Cargo Crate
0:44:06 Eaglemoss Doctor Who figures
0:56:59 2017-08 Comic Bento (by Nathan)
1:06:03 2017-08 Arctify
1:10:14 2017-09 Comic Bento (by Nathan)
1:22:07 2017-09 Legion of Collectors
1:26:05 2017-09Arctify
1:27:14 Wrap up
1:27:44 End

World’s Finest Collection:
Doctor Who Block: [Already defunct]
Firefly Cargo Crate:
Eaglemoss Doctor Who figures:
Comic Bento:
Legion of Collectors:
Comics Podcast Network:
League of Comic Book Podcasts:

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