Weekly Comics Spotlight #024: 2008-01-23

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Blue Beetle #23 by DC, Afterburn #1 by Red 5 Comics and X-Men #207 and the entire Messiah Complex storyline by Marvel.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
00:36 General discussion
02:45 DC: BLUE BEETLE #23
06:46 Other: AFTERBURN #1 [RED 5 COMICS]
13:52 Marvel: X-MEN #207 and the Messiah Complex storyline
40:52 Other podcasts Bob and John were on
42:11 Previews teleconference and Previews Spotlight #004 announcement
43:28 Next Week Promo
43:39 Wrap up
44:09 End of episode.

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