Previews Spotlight #092: 2015-06

John Mayo discusses the contents of the June 2015 Previews catalog and plays clips sent in from listeners spotlighting items they picked.

We had 3 other podcasts/blogs represented this month:
Superman Fan Podcast
Comics Alternative
Fantastic Four Podcast

and 6 listeners:
Chris Braly
Joe Crawford
Mo Walker
TJ Smith
Jason Kim
Scott Amundson

Items mentioned:
p.39 (Billy) Rebels #5
p.40 (Derek Royal) Two Brothers HC
p.43 (Chris Braly) P. Craig Russell’s Murder Mystery and Other Stories Gallery Edition
p.48 (Joe Crawford) Zodiac Starforce #1
p.58 (Chris Braly) This Damned Band #1
p.58 (Mo Walker) This Damned Band #1
p.64 (TJ Smith) Complete Love Hurts TP
p.72 (John Mayo) DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #1
p.80 (Mo Walker) Doctor Fate #3
p.82 (Jason Kim) Earth 2: Society #3
p.85 (Mo Walker) Justice League 3001 #3
p.87 (Jason Kim) Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1
p.100 (Billy) Action Comics #43
p.102 (Billy) Superman #43
p.124 (Derek Royal) Mad’s Original Idiots TPs
p.128 (TJ Smith) Batman Year 100 Deluxe Edition HC
p.135 (Billy) Astro City #26
p.135 (John Mayo) ASTRO CITY #26
p.156 (Chris Braly) Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive TP
p.160 (Billy) Long Distance #3
p.188 (Derek Royal) Dark Corridor #1
p.204 (John Mayo) MORNING GLORIES #50
p.208 (Billy) Astronauts In Trouble #3
p.208 (Chris Braly) Dark Corridor #1
p.215 (Billy) Invincible #122
p.215 (Scott Amundson) Invisible Republic #4
p.222 (Billy) Tales Of Honor: Bred To Kill #3
p.M51 (Brandon S) Old Man Logan #4
p.M72 (John Mayo) S.H.I.E.L.D. #9
p.M97 (TJ Smith) Nextwave Agents of H.A.T.E. The Complete Collection TP
p.242 (Billy) Rachel Rising #36
p.267 (TJ Smith) War Stories Volume 01 & 02 New Editions TP
p.300 (Derek Royal) Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy V1: Drippy’s Mama GN
p.303 (Joe Crawford) Shadow #1
p.326 (TJ Smith) Eternaut HC
p.326 (Joe Crawford) Hip Hop Family Tree #1
p.326 (Derek Royal) Fantagraphics
p.333 (John Mayo) BLACK TIGER ONE-SHOT
p.344 (Joe Crawford) King #1
p.353 (John Mayo) STRINGERS #1
p.355 (Joe Crawford) Kaijumax #5
p.361 (Joe Crawford) Teknophage TP v1
p.363 (TJ Smith) Judge Dredd: America TP
p.380 (John Mayo) DOCTOR WHO EVENT 2015: FOUR DOCTORS #1
p.391 (Jason Kim) Book Of Death: The Fall Of Ninjak #1
p.403 (Joe Crawford) Ultraman v1
p.412 (TJ Smith) Prison Island A Graphic Memoir SC
p.423 (Joe Crawford) Autobiography of James T Kirk
p.429 (Billy) Back Issue #84

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